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The announcement


To attention of the members of the United Civil Party in Grodno and Grodno region.

It is necessary to all primary organisations up to 10.06.2000 to register in the Grodno municipal and Grodno regional organisation of UCP. To register it is necessary to submit the applications, to give the protocols of a constituent assembly and lists of the members of the organisation. The organisations which have been not regisred can not participate in conferences and other measures carried out by UCP in Grodno and Grodno region. It is necessary to all members of the party to register in your primary organisations or directly in municipal or regional organisations of UCP.

All additional information you can get on tel.(0152)

The address is 230005, Grodno - 5, subscriber box 63.


The chairman of the Regional

Party organisation of UCP V. Levonevsky

The chairman of Grodno

Organisation of UCP O. Podgaetsky


The information message


3. 06. 2000 the session of the Political council of the United Civil Party (UCP) took place. At these Political council the Member of the Political council, the Chairman of UCP in Grodno region Valery Levonevsky was excluded from the party.

This question on the exception from the party was not included in the agenda, but it was the basic question of this Political council. About such decision the author of these lines guessed due to the clever people two weeks ago. In May, 2000 there was a "confidential" session of political "representatives" from the "leaders" of opposition. The basic question: how to get rid from young, energetic and principal political competitor. The initiator of this meeting was Semen Domash, a well-known person in political surroundings, a former chairman of Grodno executive committee.

The matter is that Semen Domash wants to be the leader of the Byelorussian nation. For this purpose he personally uses old connections. And the thing main is that for this purpose he has created public organisations which are the basis of "The Grodno initiative" and resource centre "Town hall". It is impossible to say that these organisations do nothing but their basic purpose is the creation of political and material base for returning of Semen Domash to the authority.

I have directly declared that I am against arrival of such people as Semen Domash to the authority because a mode which they will establish in the Republic of Belarus will be much worse than the present. These people have already been the leaders, they have already shown that they never can refuse from the communist methods of the management. It is my civil position. Today some people considering themselves to be with "leaders" are the cowards who are afraid of open political struggle. Everything they can do is, unfortunately, talking scandals, to write anonymous letters and, certainly, intrigue, that is an easy method to achievement of the purpose. Today non-party Semen Domash give orders in Grodno to BNF, to people who belong to the Social-democratic party and to some organisations. The leaders of many organisations depend on Semen Domash and "Town hall". The basis of the Grodno party organisation of UCP is the businessmen. They have own means for work, work according to the Charter and do not need the help of Semen Domash.

Regularly, approximately one per three months, the attempts to re-elect the leaders of UCP in the Grodno region are undertaken. But all of them are unsuccessful.

The members of the party do not recognise the leaders who imposed to them by Semen Domash through the authority of UCP in Minsk.

At the Political council (3.06.2000) they decide one question: "Or you, Levonevsky, will leave voluntary from the post of the Chairman of the regional organisation of UCP to present this place to a Domashs man or we shall exclude you from the party". Besides they demanded to write the application for it immediately. As at the command the members of the Political council (as a rule they are former deputies of the Supreme Council) risen and spoke about how bad Levonevsky is, told interesting stories based on hearings. Second time in my life I saw as Lebedko told lies and perverted the facts (the Chairman of UCP), A. Dobrovolsky hid eyes (the vice-chairman of UCP), making the ardent speech, which was finished by the requirement to exclude Levonevsky from the party.

Respected by me mister V. Shlindikov (the vice-chairman of UCP) has not felt shy to take at Levonevsky the significant donation on the party needs two hours prior to his speech with the similar requirement.

How it is possible to look at the people with running eyes? It is good that many of them have still conscience. Really, the politics is a "dirty business" and, therefore a lot of people from those who are present at the Political council had to act under circumstances thumb. I hope that it will not be a norm.

The note: in the opinion of A. Lebedko having excluded Levonevsky from the party by the Political Council, he can automatically be removed from the post of the Chairman of the Grodno Regional organisation of UCP and also to exclude him from the members of the Political council from 3.06.2000 that contradicts the Charter of the party.

The chief of the Central control - auditing commission of UCP, who was present at the Political council has paid attention to the illegality of this decision of the Political council. But his opinion nobody took into account.

Such action is the roughest breach of the principles of Democracy and the Charter of UCP. If today members of the party break the Charter, there is no guarantee that tomorrow they will not break the Constitution. Because, firstly, I was elected as the member of the Political council at the Congress of UCP (the supreme body) and only the Congress can deprive me of these powers. Secondly, this question (about the exception from the party) was not discussed in the primary organisation of UCP, in the municipal organisation of UCP and in the regional organisation of UCP.

Valery Levonevsky considers this decision of the Political Council to be illegal and has submitted the application for the introduction in UCP. He became a member of UCP at the assembly of the primary organisation and will stand on a post of the chairman of the regional organisation of UCP at the nearest party conference. Up to the resolution of conflict, the vice-president of UCP in the Grodno region Alexander Vasiliev will supervise the party organisation in the Grodno region.

In such extreme situations the people are learnt. This Political council has taken off "masks" from many people. There is a political struggle. It is offensive for the party that the exception of Valery Levonevsky from the members of the party and discharge from the management of the Regional organisation of UCP are initiated by non-party Semen Domash. In the letter from 8.05.2000 Semen Domash in the categorical form demanded in next time from S. A Bogdankevich, A. V. Lebedko, A. A. Dobrovolsky, V. M. Shlyndikov to release V. S. Levonevsky from the management of the Grodno regional organisation of UCP.

The whole team on distribution of the wrong information has been is created. The portrait of a trouble-maker and destroyer of the opposition is created. The task is: to exclude Levonevsky from various organisations and political life. There is a distortion of the various facts, but it will not prevent the realisation of the plans of a new young political force

Do the leaders of UCP remember how Domash has evaded from the participation in the company which was carried out by the opposition in 1999? We speak about "the elections of the president". Do the leaders of UCP understand that Semen Domash uses them in his political game, involving new people and organisations in the conflict? Do the leaders of UCP take into account that making advances with Domash they soon will lose their face and will turn in the same political "men who can not do anything" as he is?

Some leaders of the opposition has the absolutely contradictory purposes and tasks. Some want to re-elect Lukashenko and to occupy his place, and we want not only to elect new parliament and president but also to create the system, at which the dictatorship will be basically impossible. There is no opposition "Levonevsky - Domash" and there is a contrast of ideologies which they protect.


The application of the United Civil Party in Grodno and Grodno region

3. 06. 2000 Valery Levonevsky the Chairman of UCP in the Grodno region was excluded from the party by the session of the Political council of UCP. The decision is illegal and obviously provocative.

According to item 3.5 of the Charter the question about the exception of a member of the party is decided by the general meeting or the Council of the primary or regional (municipal) organisation, and also by the National Committee.

According to item 3.8 of the Charter the Members of the party who are included into the structure of managing and supervising bodies of UCP keep the powers before the realisation of selective general meetings and meetings under review, conferences of the appropriate party organisations or the congress at which they were elected. According to the above-stated the Political council has no the right is to exclude from the party and especially the chiefs of elective bodies.

The Political council creates a dangerous precedent. For example, tomorrow a primary organisation of Minsk will decide to exclude a member of CAC, the Political council, Lebedko from the party etc. Thus do these people lose the powers?

Item 4.1 of the Charter of UCP a basic organisational structure of UCP is its primary organisations which are created on a territorial principle (Village Soviet, street, a constituency, area, city etc.) when there are not less than three members of the party.

During a half-of the year the leaders of UCP tries to impose the new chief of the Regional party organisation to us. With the help of the leaders of the central office of the party) the parallel party structures passing the municipal organisation are created. These primary organisations do not represent the lists and protocols of constituent assemblies and, hence, can not participate in measures spent by the Grodno regional and municipal organisations.

The executive committee of the party has refused for many months to give out the documents to register primary organisations in Grodno and it is impossible to register them in the local bodies of the authority. This circumstance does not allow to participate in the forthcoming elections.

Such actions not only contradict the Charter but also put serious harm to all party and lead to split of the party and loss of its authority.

The present legislation and the Charter do not suppose intervention of public and state organisations in the activity of the party. Not paying attention to this, the chairman of the co-ordination committee "The Grodno initiative" Semen Domash directly demands to release Valery Levonevsky from an occupied post in the party. And the leaders of the party submit Semen Domash, breaking the Charter.

We pay your attention that when Levonevsky was the Chairman of the regional organisation of UCP there was not any complaint from the members of the party in the Municipal and Regional organisation.

According to the above-stated, we demand:

1) To cancel the decision of the Political council from 3.06.2000 about the exception of Valery Levonevsky from the party.

2) To stop illegal actions and blackmail concerning the Grodno regional organisation.

Otherwise we reserve the right to occupy more rigid position on this question.


Acting in the capacity of the chairman of the Grodno regional

Party organisation of UCP A. Vasiliev

The chairman of Grodno municipal

Party organisation of UCP O. Podgaetsky



Comment: Probably, in Grodno there will be two regional and two urban organisations of UCP. Two real (present) and two pocket (from Minsk). Probably, the leaders of UCP will be mistrusted and the new party on the basis of the Charter of UCP will be created. In any case none of the candidates in the deputies and in the National Assembly from Domash and his company in Grodno and in the region will not pass. The leaders of UCP apply for the authority instead of A. Lukashenko. Roughly breaking the Charter and moral principles, the leaders of UCP puts themselves outside of a legal field and doomed the party and their political career on the inevitable destruction. The congress of the party is necessary. If, really, lies, hypocrisy, intrigues, breach of the rights of a man, breach of the laws and Charter are a basic line of UCP, our ways are not theirs.


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