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Guest performers (Almost play).


"If such as you come into the office, my children will not have any future", - a mother of the large family said to Alexander Dobrovolsky.


The main characters:

A. Dobrovolsky: the vice-chairman of the United Civil Party (UCP), a former deputy of the Supreme Council, a guest from Minsk.

E. Lobanovich: the young chairman of the Executive Committee of UCP, a guest from Minsk.

G. Osipova: the former chairman of UCP in the Grodno region till 1998, left from a post, having disappointed in the party.

G. Raspopov: the former leader of the Grodno urban organisation of UCP till 1998.

Note: Osipova and Raspopov have left from the posts of the chairmen voluntary, having waved a hand on the party, having left after themselves dozens "dead souls ", ostensibly members of the party, in the activity of the party they didnt participate and ignored the requests of the leaders of the party.

The "old" members of the party: people under age, "reliable" Raspopov, Osipova and some more men, most of them remembered about the party only on the eve of the elections.

" The Delegates of a conference ": mass characters - young and not so young men familiar and unfamiliar (it is a secret who and when selected them as the delegates,).

"The Forbidden": members of UCP in Grodno and Grodno region, members of the National Committee of UCP, the leaders of UCP in Grodno and Grodno region, members of auditing commissions - people which were forbidden to participate in the conference (more than 80 % from the total number of the members of UCP).

"Security": two young men whose duty was not to let the forbidden participate in the conference

S. Domash: the former chairman of Grodno Regional Executive Committee, the former member of the Supreme Council, he is an unemployed for four years, he considers himself to be an opposition, he drives foreign cars, one of which cost more than 20.000 dollars. Being a leader he bought a smart house in the city centre on a low price, by the decision of the court this deal is considered to be illegal, but this decision of the court, which has lawful force, is not executed. Arrests, searches and other troubles, which happened with the majority of people of the opposition in Grodno, always bypass S. Domash. He is a friend of Lebedko and Dobrovolsky, a main initiator of the removal of Levonevsky from party posts. Now S. Domash is the non-party, though he has kept all the manners of an old party worker and wants to come into office again.

Town hall: it VERY likes grants (external financing), the resource centre, helps public organisations if they agree to obey to S. Domash and to the Grodno Initiative ". "The Grodno Initiative " is created by the former workers of the executive power for returning them in the number of leaders, it works under private protection of the local power and lives for the account of credulous western and American tax - payers.

" The Grodno Initiative ": the public association created by S. Domash and A. Milinkevich (Town hall). It tries to dictate their will to political parties, public movements and trade unions by various ways. It creates visibility of consolidation of forces of the opposition. It renders active resistance to public and other associations which are not included into "the Grodno initiative." It was formed for creation of political conditions for S. Domash and people who help him come into office.

It lives for the account of credulous western and American tax - payers.

Many members of the organisations which are included in " the Grodno initiative" are still members of dozen organisations of this structure.

Place of action:. Grodno, Budennogo street 48a. The town hall, Rada 23.


Prologue: history (brief course): 1998. The businessmen announced about the creation of their own party and have began to prepare for this event. The leaders of UCP (United Civil Party) met with the initiator of the creation of the this party, Valery Levonevsky and proposed: " What for do you need to create your own party, we are yours, UCP is the party for businessmen. In Grodno as you know there was chaos." Osipova and Raspopov are not interested in the party, there is a formal structure. Levonevski, help us, head this part of work, you see we do common business, we struggle with the regime ".

He agreed. Two years of work. The businessmen became the members of the party, it got good image. In Grodno the structure of the party was completely regenerated. Complete self-financing. The large actions of protest in Grodno and in the Republic of Belarus. The huge charitable actions. UCP was respected. The young people came to the party with their money and ideas. "Grandfathers" from UCP did not expect such events. They have got used "to exploit" a man and to throw him out.

It is necessary to do something . The youth is coming. Approximately from the beginning of 2000 there was a wave of reprisals of new politicians from the part . "former", now they are representatives of the opposition.

The first attempt of a party "radical change" in Grodno was undertaken by the leaders of UCP at the beginning of Spring, 2000. It was a failure. The candidature of Raspopov completely failed, and the members of the party said that they trusted to Levonevsky. Moreover, on a congress of the party he was selected as the member of the Political Council. What are they to do? To relieve Levonevsky of his duties on the democratic rules it is impossible. In Grodno he is trusted more than "guests from Minsk". An old mechanism, which was invented by the communist was started: a lot of lies, anonymous letters and removal from a post on this letters. And also there was the convocation of a formal conference at which people prepared beforehand were present and the election of the new party leaders in the Grodno region. But the "grandfathers" didnt take into consideration several circumstances.

#1: Levonevsky joined the party of UCP, but he wasnt going to serve Lebedko, Dobrovolsky and those who behaved like them.

#2: those who told lies will answer in the court. This plot will not pass. And Levonevsky will stand up against an existing regime and against an originated, more terrible and unpredictable regime of Lebedko - Domash. Do not forget that there was a time when Lukashenko Lebedko - Domash etc. were one team which deceived the people. In 1996 they did not divide something and ran up. But the methods and means for the achievement of a purpose have remained the same. One thing they calculated correctly: before the elections to the National assembly Levonevsky will not have enough time to register a new party. But life doesnt come to the end in Autumn, 2000. There will be the presidential elections and the elections to a new parliament in four years. This year it is possible to participate in the Parliamentary elections by petition. In any case, the businessmen will stand up against dishonourable people, and it doesnt depend whether they belong to the leaders or to the opposition.

16.06.200 evening, 22.30. A phone ring: " Valera (Levonevsky), hello! Tomorrow guests from Misk will come to us, they will relieve you of your duties, do you know? No? You should know that the election conference of UCP in the Grodno region is going to held 17.06. at 12.00 in "the Town Hall," complete privacy. "

17.06.2000 Morning. We ring round the members of the party. Nobody knows about this conference.

17.06.2000 11.40. The Town Hall. The auditing commissions, the leaders of the Grodno regional and urban organisations of UCP, the members of the National Committee, chairmen of primary organisations of UCP, i.e. all who have learned about this conference in the morning were present.

17.06.2000 years ("the Forbidden"). They discuss a question: who has called a conference and why more than 80 % of the party dont know about it anything.

17.06.2000 11.50. "The Town Hall". The guests from Minsk" come in". They see Levonevsky. Their faces are red. Easy confusion.

"The guests from Minsk" say to "the Forbidden": " And we did not invite you!".

"The Forbidden" answer: " We shall silently sit and we shall not speak."

Levonevsky says to "The guests from Minsk":

- I officially declare, that there are members of the party managing bodies of UCP in Grodno and Grodno region, members of auditing commissions, members of the National committee and the Political Council of UCP and member of CCRC in this room. And I would like to speak. The conference is elective and we have to report there. I should report before the conference.

Easy confusion.


- You are not a member of the party!?


- I disagree with the decision of the Political Council. But while the question whether this decision is right or not is solved, I wrote the application to UCP and became a member of its primary organisation.


- We do not know Your primary organisations.


- Five months ago we made the documents on creation of 8 (eight) primary organisations in Grodno to You, the executive committee of the party.


- And we dont register them.


- Why?


- We do not want.


- But the primary organisations according to the Charter work from the moment of creation but not from the moment of registration by the executive committee of UCP.


- I am a lawyer and have the another opinion on this question.


- Then why you immediately registered three "lime" primary organisations in Grodno; they were formed not in the urban organisation. These primary organisations were formed not by the members of UCP and the meetings on their creation were not carried out as the protocols on their creation have not been given to the Grodno urban and regional organisations of UCP till this moment.


- You may complain. But these primary organisations are the main participants of the conference today. And the majority of the members of the party are not informed about these conferences, and it is not my problem.

The fugitives:

12.00. "The guests from Minsk" whisper with "the old members of the party " and "the delegates". They leave a room of "The Town Hall", then "the old" and "the delegates" leave the room in silence.

"The Forbidden":

-Lets see, where do they run from us ?

Being guided on quickly excluded backs of the fugitives, "the forbidden" approach to a new place of the conferences, it is a building of the organisation "Rada 23 " (Domash, Town hall, Grants, Pogulaev), located on the other side of the building.

They are met by two young men, it is so-called "Security".

Security is ordered not to let "the forbidden" come in.


- Yes, yes, dont let them come in!

Vasilieva N. (a member of the Central control-auditing commission of UCP):

- But this contradicts to the Charter because the members of the party, members of the National Committee, the members of auditing commissions and councils have the right to be present on all party measures, especially on reporting and elective.

Dobrovolsky orders to "Security":

- I have told not to let them come in!


- It is a closed conference.

The remark near the door:

-Shall we take them and "Security" trousers off and clap on the place which is right after the back.

"Security" is frightened and move aside. The faces of "the guests from Minsk" and "the delegates" are too red. Such impression, that a lot of "delegates" are ready to take their trousers off voluntary.

Not everyone understand the English humour.

Dobrovolsky became more kind and allowed the member of CCRC to be present at the conference.

" Well thank you for this," - said "the forbidden" and went surprised home. Such degree of secrets the party havent know from the moment of its creation.


To enjoy yourself so to enjoy yourself!

In the beginning of the conference Raspopov proposed once again to make its closed and not to let the members of the National Committee of the party, urban and regional auditing commission, leaders of regional, urban and primary organisations participate in this conference. "The delegates" have supported this idea unanimously. Why? Because all what has happened is a real lime.

Somebody A. Pogulaev (Town hall, Domash, Grants) has offered to conduct also an urban conference of UCP. Nobody was confused with that fact, that the decision on an urban conference should be accepted 10 days prior to it and by the body, specially representative to it.

"To enjoy yourself so to enjoy yourself" - "The Delegates" decided and made the urban conference from themselves. They elected the leaders of an urban organisation: Pogulaev and his company. Then the main part of all time told how bad Levonevsky was and how good Domash was.

The member of CCRC asked to show her the protocols of promotion of the delegates on this conference and other documents connected with this measure. They didnt show.

They chose new leaders of the regional organisation from themselves. How do you think who won in this elections? Yes, you are right: Raspopov and Osipova! Yes, those leaders, who almost ruined the party and hold aloof from it two years ago.


As to "the delegates" of the conference and new elective bodies, for the last two years these people have not done anything for the party. Only a few man from Smorgon and Ostrovets are an exception

And those, who participated in the charitable actions, an action of the protest, worked on the image of the party, gave their own money for party needs, were inflicted the repressions by the leaders - have left behind a door.


The conclusion.

As it was supposed, now there will be two regional and two urban organisations in Grodno. They have prepared for "the radical change" for a long time. "Lime" primary organisations were registered, and the real were not registered. The new members of the party were accepted by the central device passing primary organisations; "conversations" with the members of the Political Council" were made.

Backstage talks have been conducted for a long time.

And now let's think. Discontent by the policy of A. Lukashenko grows and will grow because he does not understand (or does not want to understand) copy-back maxims. The politicians, who called themselves politicians "of a New wave ". want to use this fact. A new wave in an old bog?! How many them were! Look at them attentively. Old party leaders. The unemployed for many years. They drive smart foreign cars, go with cellular telephones, a lot of their time spend abroad visiting banquets and receptions. Shall we help them to occupy a place of Lukashenko? What will they make, when they come into the office? First of all they will lock those who "offended" them up. Then they lock those who helped them up. Then will live in their pleasure, as well as before. There is a struggle for "a seed- can", and we, voters are pawns in this game. They think so. But they are mistaken, as always.

First of all, politicians of a new generation (not of a new wave in an old bog) have already come. These people have never been at "the seed-can", they are able to work and to earn money, they think how our children will live in this country.

Secondly, a pawn has an opportunity "to grow". Some combinations and the pawn becomes a queen. And we wish all try themselves in the policy. Otherwise such as Lukashenkos, Domashes, Lebedkos, Dobrovolskys etc. will lead us for a long time. They are berries from one field. It is necessary to plough this field.

Today A. Lebedko rushes between the USA and Russia trying to find some help to himself.

Originally such as they shouted: " Glory to the Communist Party of the Soviet Union! ", then Down with the Russian imperialism! ", now "Belarus lives". Now they go with the stretched hand to "the imperialists". And according to the words of Nemtsov today the main integrator of the union of Russia and Belarus is not Lukashenko any more, it is A. Lebedko, the wolf in the sheep skin.

We, businessmen of the Republic of Belarus, have really mistaken in Lebedko. It is an usual liar, chatterbox and a laughter-man. He is the same as A. Lukashenko. His place is on a dump of history.

Thirdly, the course of history can not be stopped. It can be slowed down or speed up. Let's speed up. It is necessary to re-elect Lukashenko, let's think, who will replace him. New people, who are not spoiled by power and old corruption ties, should come into the office. Or our children will not have any Future.

The Belorussian businessmen at the republican strike committee, which will be held soon, will consider questions how to hold up the support of the leaders of UCP, some members of the former Supreme Council and about the allocation of means for the organisation of their information support.


On August 28, 2000 in Grodno the congress of the New Party of Belarus is to be held.


Alexey Rukomoynikov.


26. 06. 2000 in Grodno the constituent congress of the trade Union of the Businessmen of Belarus took place (960 founders from all regions of the Republic of Belarus and. Minsk).


The information message of the United Civil Party (UCP) in Grodno and Grodno region.


17.06.2000 in Grodno in a room of the public organisation "Rada 23" whch is situated at Budennogo street 48a the illegal conferences of UCP in Grodno and Grodno region took place.

The members of the Grodno municipal and Grodno regional party organisations: the leaders of regional and municipal organisations, members of the auditing commission, members of councils, primary organisations were not informed about these conferences. Moreover, the members of the party, members of the National committee of UCP, members of auditing commissions, members of councils and chairmen of primary organisations were not allowed to present in the hall of session by the central leaders of the party (Lobanovich and Dobrovolsky). This underground conferences were announced to be closed.

Taking into account that circumstance that these measures are provocation from the central bodies of UCP and roughest breach of the Charter, we do not recognise the results of these conferences.

We think that such actions of the leaders of UCP are anti-party and we demand the realisation of a congress of the party to discuss the question about the trust to the leaders of UCP.

Acting in the capacity of the chairman of UCP

in Grodno region A. Vasiliev

The chairman of Grodno

Municipal organisation of UCP O. Podgaetsky


To the chairman of the Central control - auditing commission of UCP

8.05.2000 on behalf of the co-ordination

Committee "The Grodno Initiative" under

the signature of its chairman Semen Domash

the application with the requirement:

to release V. S. Levonevsky from the management

in the Grodno organisation of UCP was distributed.

3. 06. 2000 the session of the Political council of the United Civil Party (UCP) was carried out. At this Political Council I, Valery Levonevsky, was excluded from the members of the party. Simultaneously, from the words of Anatoly Lebedko (the chairman of UCP), I was deprived of the powers of the member of the Political council and the chairman of UCP in the Grodno region.

17.06.2000 in Grodno at Budennogo str.48a in a room of the public organisation "Rada 23" under the management of Evgeny Lobanovich (the chairman of the executive committee of UCP) and A. Dobrovolsky (the vice-chairman of UCP) the closed Grodno municipal and Grodno regional conferences of UCP were carried out.

I think that the above-stated actions of the organisations and their officials concerning me and members of the party are illegal and restrain the rights and lawful interests on the following reasons:

1) I doubt in the competent of the intervention of The Grodno Initiative" in the activity of UCP.

2) Exception me from the members of the party, removal from posts of the member of the Political council and Chairman of the Grodno regional organisation of UCP by the Political council I consider to be illegal and contradicting to the Charter of the party. The Political council is unauthorised to decide such questions as I was elected in the political council by the congress of the party and only the regional conference has the right to re-elect me as the Chairman of UCP in the Grodno region.

Besides "breaches" of the Charter on which I am excluded from the party are incompetent and are not confirmed documentary. From the extract of the Decision of the Political council in this part from 3.06.2000 handed to me by Lobanovich only 17.06.2000 there are no references on the documents.

3) About carried out municipal and regional conferences more than 80 % of the members of the party in Grodno and Grodno region were not informed and, accordingly, they did not take part in work of the conference. "Delegates" to the conference were elected not according to the Charter of the party. The assemblies on promotion of the delegates to the conference which are provided by the Charter of the party were not carried out. Hence, these "delegates" could not represent interests of the members of UCP in Grodno and Grodno region.

4) The primary organisations submitted at the municipal conference are created with the breach of the Charter from the persons who are not the members of the party at the moment of creation (December, 1999). The legality of creation of these primary organisations causes some doubts and that fact, that these organisations refused to give the protocols of the constituent assemblies in the municipal and regional organisation of UCP is also alerted.

5)Dobrovolsky and Lobanovich asserted contradicting the Charter of the party that I cannot be present at these conferences. Besides it is impossible for the members of the National committee of UCP, members of the Council of the Grodno municipal and regional organisation of UCP, chiefs of the Grodno and Regional Organisation of UCP, members of the municipal auditing commission and other members of the party to be present. For this purpose two men (the security) who allowed to come in a room to people only under the sanction of Lobanovich and Dobrovolsky were mounted.

6) Besides there was no session of a competent body on which the decision on the realisation of the Grodno regional and urban conference of UCP 17.06.2000 was accepted.

I.e. these conferences are more similar to arrangement of the group of people, who pursue one purpose: to re-elect the leaders of urban and regional organisation of UCP by frauds and fake of the documents. It was marked by the member of CCAC of UCP N. Vasilieva who was present at these conferences (member Central control - auditing commission). By such actions the leaders of UCP puts serious impact on the image of the party and actually results it in split.

On the basis of above-stated I ask:

To check up legality and validity of actions of the above mentioned officials, organisations and their bodies concerning me.

Valery Levonevsky (photo)


To the leaders of UCP of the Republic a Belarus to the misters


Bogdankevich S. A.

Lebedko A. V.

Dobrovolsky A. A.

Shlyndikov V. M.

I shall allow myself to remind you, that 3.06.2000 at the session of the political council of UCP of the Republic of Belarus the chairman of UCP in Grodno district Valery Levonevsky was excluded from the members of UCP. Our doubt in the validity of the given decision was lead up to your item of information by a management of UCP in Grodno and urban party organisation in the letter from 5. 06. 2000. Taking into consideration complexity of political situation in Belarus and urgency of duly reaction on varying situations and also wishing finally to be convinced of hardness of your decision, I am addressing to you again asking for an explanation of our position in this conflict situation. I also ask you to answer some questions, the answers on which will define an opportunity of our further co-operation or its discontinuance.

As the witness and direct participant of the background of the conflict between the former chairman of the Grodno executive committee Semen Domash and the leader of businessmens movement Valery Levonevsky I explain.

Originally the co-operation between them developed productively, some rather significant measures in common were carried out, a general condition was desire to change an existing regime. After realisation of a number of the actions of the protest by the businessmen, which were organised Valery Levonevsky and in which some thousands took part, the interest from the side to the businessmens movement and from the side of some leaders of opposition has increased. Obviously, Semen Domash has made the conclusion, but the main purpose of his activity was to subordinate to himself the businessmens movement.

I testify that during the preparation for the joint meeting, the legal organiser of which was Valery Levonevsky, Semen Domash made a complaint to the organiser of the meeting to Valery Levonevsky - why he does not co-ordinate all actions with him, as he is the co-ordinator of the Grodno Initiative ". On this matter Valery Levonevsky said that he as the responsible organiser of the meeting, has the right himself to accept the decisions without the co-ordination with him, Semen Domash. A bit later, Semen Domash has gathered supporters, financially dependent on him, about 10 men and all of them were the representatives of BNF and has decided to punish strictly Valery Levonevsky. All was as in the old communist times, the members of the bureau of the regional committee of Communist Party of the Soviet Union sat at a table ready to attack the apostate from the general line of Communist Party of the Soviet Union, at the centre "HE" sat - " the First secretary of the bureau of the regional committee of Communist Party of the Soviet Union ", the time seemed to return on some decades back, even the furniture was placed as in the cabinet of the regional committee. The supporters of Valery Levonevsky on this "measure" were not allowed to present, the "party" rules provided the presence only of the members of a bureau of the regional committee and the originator. It was vividly seen that skilled party worker Semen Domash used his cabinet party experience of struggle with the dissent to the full. During such "heart-felt conversation" Semen Domash has presented the ultimatum - either you, Valery Levonevsky, will act as you are spoken or you will lose any support from the part of the organisations you control. To honour Valery Levonevsky, he doesnt bargain with the former party leader. After that measure Valery Levonevsky discussed that situation with the supporters from businessmen. During discussion some businessmen had questions: " If today we change the present president of Belarus A. Lukashenko to Semen Domash, a representative of the opposition, what will change? " Discussing this question they came to a conclusion, that nothing! Both of them are intolerant to the opinion which differs from his own. Semen Domash will struggle with the opposition as well as Alexander Lukashenko does, he can not do it in another way and in opposition he has appeared only because he" has been pushed aside from the seed - can". The businessmen have also stated concern that after fall of the regime of A. Lukashenko, and in inevitability of this anybody did not doubt, the arrival to authority such "representatives of the opposition" as Semen Domash is possible, then all will go on a new circle, a new dictatorship will be, new political prisoners will appear and the sufferings of the Byelorussians will continue. Talking before the colleagues Valery Levonevsky has declared: As a matter of fact we have with some leaders of opposition absolutely different tasks. For them - to re-elect Lukashenko and themselves occupy his place, for us - not only to elect a new parliament and president, but also create a system at which the dictatorship will be impossible. There is no opposition Levonevsky - Domash, there is an opposition of ideas and values sounded by the those people ". All participants of discussion have supported a position of Valery Levonevsky, and have supported his conclusion: " We have different ways with Semen". Take into consideration that Valery Levonevsky quite loyally concerns to another opinion and the participants of discussion didnt have any finance dependence on him.

8.05 2000 Semen Domash has directed to your address (The leaders of UCP of Belarus) the letter where he discussed an article "The Sight from within " printed in the bulletin "Businessman" #44, where has burst in a series of epithets and spells to the name of Valery Levonevsky. Being unable to result reasonable arguments denying the facts stated in the article of Valery Levonevsky he writes: " The frankly rough form.., groundless accusations , he is impudent and cynical, has shown himself insolvent politician , has shown his real essence and complete absence of legal, political and civil culture, etc. " In one word if we sum up all regional committees lexicon of Semen Domash we will come to the conclusion that Valery Levonevsky is "something terrible" and how and why it is "a secret" and only he knows, Semen Domash. At the end of the letter Semen in the categorical form demands: " .to release him (Valery Levonevsky) from the management of the Grodno organization of UCP. Otherwise, I should regretfully state, that the activity of Your party in Grodno and Grodno region will not have any support from our party."

The members of UCP in Grodno region were surprised when they knew that the leaders of UCP of Belarus, frightened by threats, had yielded on blackmail of Semen Domash and had executed all his requirements, and with the help of Lebedko A. V. Valery Levonevsky was simply expelled from the members of UCP.

In connection with this case I ask you to answer: Does the above mentioned decision mean that in the leaders of UCP approve the authoritarian style of the leaders and intolerance to the opinion which differs from the opinion of the chief Lebedko A. V.? Does the above mentioned decision mean that Valery Levonevsky "was simply handed over" by the leaders of UCP in a favour to the former party boss, and nowadays to "the representative of the opposition" Semen Domash. Is the leaders of UCP in their activity inside the party similar to the leaders of the country? Does the above mentioned decision mean that those primary party organisations of UCP which were created under the direction of Valery Levonevsky are liquidated by the decision of the leaders of the party? Does this decision mean that from this moment UCP in the Grodno region will be supervised by the non-party Semen Domash and will become the branch of BNF?

Hundreds members of UCP and its supporters are waiting for answers to the put questions.

Acting in the capacity of the chief of UCP in the Grodno region

A. Vasiliev (photo). 14.06.2000.



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