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POS, democratic parasites …. or once again about "the boycott" of election.


On the pages of some newspapers (not state) from time to time the old comsomol workers, the former party officials, the present patriots make speech. They say that they are the united opposition, politicians of a new wave, the initiatives. They have no any united opposition. There is the Belorussian National Front (BNF) and “stickers” to them such as the present United Civil Party (UCP), the rest of the Supreme Council of the 13th- convocation. All of them taken together unite no more than 1 % of the population of Belarus. They may have different names, but it is BNF under different sauces. We build a civil society and are obliged to respect a position of all citizens, including these. But BNF and their chiefs have no any future. I know many present "representatives of the opposition" personally. I assure you, a lot of them are very much many unscrupulous and mercenary people. They beautifully speak and write in the newspapers. But their business and thoughts are absolutely others. They have transformed the opposition into the rubbish hole. They have been removed from "the seed-can", and he already shouts that he is the opposition. I would name them - POS (Party of the offended sectarians). Why are they sectarians? Who has visited their assemblies, will understand me.

Why do not they participate in election? There are several reasons.

The first reason: they will not be elected. They are not trusted. They do not have forces (impotent men) and means.

The second reason: it is not necessary for them. They live well. Under an aura of martyrs and fighters with the mode it is possible to receive means from the trustful western investors. Who will they be in the democratic state? To whom is Lebedko, the former comsomol worker or Domash, an old party official necessary?. They are not able to do anything, they only “fool” people. And we do not need such specialists.

The third reason: under the boycott of the election it is possible to get huge means from the same trustful western investors.

The fourth main reason: if the elections will pass in the democratic way, the Supreme Council of the 13th- convocation will not be recognised by anybody. And the key posts in POS are borrowed by the members of this Supreme Council, and they supervise all financial flows going from western countries and the USA on the development of the democracy in the Republic of Belarus. They are not interested in the construction of the democratic society, they want to control money, large money. The basic difference of the politicians of new generation from these "grandfathers" is that we spend the personal means to build the of democracy in the Republic of Belarus, and they live at the expense of this movement. They are the democratic parasites of some kind.

The fifth reason: for Lukashenko the boycott of election is favourable. The West does not recognise the election. All understand this fact. It is very important for the present authority that the democratically adjusted people do not appear in the parliament. They will be unguided. And it is very dangerous to any dictatorship. The elimination of the progressive candidates into the deputies goes in two ways. The first way is the way with the help "of the former" members of a team of A. Lukashenko, with the help of Lebedko, for example, to boycott them. Some people "swallowed the bait" and supported this crazy idea, have left from the game. The boycott is favourable for the present authority and for the other reason. If we allow that it will pass successfully and the deputies will not be elected, A. Lukashenko will have all bases to strengthen the authority. He will declare that the people does not trust the parliament and the parliament is not necessary.

The second way is the elimination of the candidates in the deputies with the help of elective commissions and the Elective Code. The joint actions of POS., democratic parasites and A. Lukashenko, really, will result that we will have the "manual" bodies of the legislative authority for many more years.

I shall describe only some examples of the last struggle of the "formers". 7. 09. 2000 a Semen Domash, a former chairman of the regional executive committee, now an active member of POS gave an extend interview to the newspaper «The Exchange of the Information ». It would be not necessary to pay a lot of attention to this person, but the “raids” of such “representatives of the opposition” as Semen Domash on those who participates in the election which become frequent recently simply compel me to state some judgements about such politicians. "The raids" of such figures force us to struggle on two fronts: with the present mode and with such "representatives of the opposition".

Some years ago semen Domash and me began to co-operate, in particular, we were not satisfied with the mode which was established in the country. But this period was very short as my adherents and me very soon understood Semen Domash is. The former party official during the activity in party committees understood the party style and methods of activity and solved to use them to the full at the new opposition field. He began to require unconditional fulfillment of the instructions from those people who supported his idea about the creation of «The Grodno Initiative». It became clear, that this organisation was created only to satisfy Domash and any pluralism of opinions will not be take into consideration by him. A number of organisations separated from «The Initiative of Semen», there were only those organisations which are financially dependent from Semen. There are about 25 members the basic representatives of BNF in it today. When today Semen asserts that he ostensibly represents all opposition of the Grodno region, then he lies. In the interview he said: «I am non-party … », that does not true. Formally it can be so, but actually "non-party" Semen Domash together with Anatoly Lebedko, the former comsomol official (now he is a chairman of UCP) organised in Grodno the liquidation all objectionable to him party organisations of UCP and "the election" of the pocket chiefs. The  management of Grodno BNF is actually supervised by …. non-party S. Domash. Neither Semen Domash nor Anatoly Lebedko did get rid the party approach to people who have another opinion from themselves. They think that all who thinks differently than they are enemies.

Let's quote some moments from the of Semen, where he concerning those who participate in the election "utters": «I think that it is the complete unscrupulousness and irresponsibility» or «Their belonging to the opposition is imaginary. They are not the serious opponents to the authority, especially its antagonists». About Statkevich, Bogdankevich, Chigir and other known political figures who stand to the deputies Semen says: “By their actions they have already shown, who they are actually. They in further will refuse from their adherence to principles and belonging to the opposition”.

In the same spirit Anatoly Lebedko, his former colleague, makes speech(its), so in the newspaper “The National Will” from 7. 09. he says: «The crossing of interests of the mode and «of contractual opposition is available». We will hope that this is a temporary phenomenon and to the presidential election the democrats, having released from the casual fellow travellers, will appear as the consolidated force». Certainly, he defined that he is "a democrat", and all who do not listen to him are casual "fellow travellers".

What forces such "representatives of the opposition" to hate vividly those who even in such "not democratic" conditions tries to inform up to the people the truth about the facts that actually occurs in Belarus.

A lot of our citizens have questions: «Why is there no unity among the opposition? In what way is the difference of their position shown?» It is possible to answer these questions in such a way. The difference of opinions among the opposition is not an attribute of the weakness, it is a condition for people to have an opportunity to select among different ideas and offers. If to assume that Domashs and Lebedkos "will privatise" the opposition field, it will be a precondition that in further A. Lukashenko will be changed by his former “colleague” Lebedko and he will suppress the opposition, as Lukashenko does it today. Besides on a lot of basic questions we have with them the opposite points of view. For example, in due time on a question to Anatoly Lebedko: «What is the difference between his position and the position of BNF?» He answered that there is no difference! And speaking about BNF it is possible to tell that thanking their “activity" in 1994 at the election Alexander Grigorievich has won  and he sometimes thanks them indirectly for their support. Some will tell that it is a nonsense they did not want this! Want they or not it is the other question, but they have made this! How? And so! When in the beginning of 1990s due to efforts of BNF the Belorusian language was introduced coercively, 90 % of the population of Belarus felt that they are foreigners in the country, the violence gave a boomerang effect. A lot of my acquaintances then were indignant: «Some comsomol leaders and leaders of collective farms came from deaf villages and they teach us what language to speak!». Alexander Grigorievich, it is necessary to do justice, used this discontent in the pre-election company very successfully. The invaluable service is rendered by them to Grigorich and now. So, for example, on the All-Belorussian congress and in some editions of BNF the idea aroused that they, representatives of BNF, are going to carry out whether "lustration", or "castration" of those who co-operates with the present mode. Personally I heard how a Ostrovsky, an active member of BNF said: «When the authority be exchanged, we shall break shoulder-straps from those employees of MIA who are by and large involved in the political reprisals». Think, as a man behave himself when somebody is going to cut out something after the leaving of "Grigorich" according to the decision of “three men" from BNF. He will protect him, though he knows that "Grigorich" stumped the country. We think that the employees of MIA and officials of the level are the citizens of our country. Many from them understand that the country goes not on the right way of development. The majority of them are the experts with higher education who know their business well and the leaders whose knowledge and experience will be necessary at the future reorganisation of Belarus. They are simply compelled to be “screw” of the state machine at the present commanding-management system. Belarus it will be impossible to achieve the consolidation of the society if to”ask” the citizens who and how liked or disliked the present president.

In it there is our basic difference from "the formers". We want to build a civil society for all citizens of the Republic of Belarus and not just for the elite. They have already made up "the black" lists. They forgotten that they offenders also have families, that they are also citizens of our country with the problems, that they are also people.

We are the Opposition, 90 % of the population of Republic of Belarus, dissatisfied with the politics of A. Lukahenko, and they are POS and no more.

All flows, all changes. Maybe at one time the "formers" were any progress in our society. Now POS is a brake on the way of the development of democracy in Belarus and it should be understood by everybody.


Valery Levonevsky


About the congress, about the forthcoming choices and not only about these events.


29.07.2000 in Minsk the Belorussian congress «For independence» took place.

(You can see photos at

The declaration was accepted. There were more delegates at the congress than places in the hall. Many delegates were not let into the hall as there were no places. The idea of the congress is very good. The beginning of congress was promising. But …

I had an impression that we shall not defend the independence in such a way. None of the speakers didn’t offer a way to defend the independence of the Republic of Belarus. A lot of speakers, especially the deputies of the former Supreme Council of the 13th- convocations used a tribune for the self-advertisement and misleading of the delegates. Everything is wrong. There wasn’t any new person. There is no life in the eyes of these people, there is no any stirring idea. Some speakers just talked for 15 minutes. If we take into account that circumstance that before the acceptance of the resolution nobody was given a word except for the speakers “on duty” and the organisers of the congress refused the businessmen to take part in the preparation of this congress, we shall come to a conclusion that our expectations for this congress were not come up. The congress was the next measure on duty for the “have-beens”.

They threw dust in our eyes. They shouted and broke up. Lukashenko, perhaps was terribly frightened.

It would be better to read the resolution, to accept it and to break up. It would be economy of time and means.

The businessmen support the idea of independence of Belarus. But we are sure that while there are such as Domashes and Lebedkos, former comsomol workers, the “revolutionaries” such as Ploskovitsky and others removed from the “seed-can” in the movement for independence this movement will doom to failure.

I deeply belief: all these movements led by the “have-beens” have one purpose to get as many money as possible from the trustful western and American investors to struggle with a mode. They don’t need any democracy. If they don’t get the external financing a lot of these noisy speakers will not stir a finger. They are venal people. What good things have they who were the leaders earlier done for people? Let’s recollect. Nothing!!! They were expelled from the leaders. Are they now the main defenders of people?

The earlier each of us open eyes the faster the changes will took place in the country.

70 % of the delegates of the congress are active and deeply ideological people. We should take off a hat before them. But, unfortunately these people are tried to transform in the «cannon-fodder» in new political game between “families” to establish a new mode.

For what are we called? To unite against Lukashenko. Let's remove him and everything will be O. K. It is a fairy tale. Let’s see at things in succession.

To unite. Let's try to solve some school tasks.

The first task. What will be if 5 men who can not do anything unite. The answer is nothing. None will be function. Well, and if ten or twenty men who can not do anything unite and in one powerful vote will declare that they soon will begin to function. The answer is though one thousand. The effect will be same.

The second task. What will be if 10 men who can not do anything and a normal “man” unite. The answer. Only one will function. But other 10 participants of the coalition will shame this “man” in every possible way " for his liaisons with women. Moreover, they will come to the decision not to let these liaisons. The men who can not do anything will prove this decision scientifically and don’t let the “man” in every possible way to look at women. As a result of long abstention "the man" will turn into a man who can not do anything.


If we transfer the above-mentioned examples on the political arena, the following picture will turn out. Some political men who can not do anything were unite. They have announced that they are FORCE. But we know that they are the men who can not do anything. And they know it. 5 years of empty "struggle" and shaking of air. The position of an ostrich is very convenient for such men who can not do anything. A head is in the sand. All “fuck” it. It, an ostrich, will not understand who does this thing, but it is indignant.

But this thing is not main. Let's remove tomorrow A. Lukashenko. Who will take his place? "The have-beens”? Look carefully at our new "leaders" of the nation. Practically they all are from the team of A. Lukashenko. You never think that A. Lukashenko and his team have prepared the ways of retreat for themselves for a long time. The members of his team become the main representatives of opposition…to themselves. I do not know Your thoughts, but I do not believe them. They shout very much, but they don’t do anything FREE-OF-CHARGE.

In result the authority from Lukashenko will pass to…..Lukashenko or his people.


Elections. Yes, the Selective Code is not modified. Yes, there are difficulties with the realisation of the right of the citizens to elect and to be elected. Well what about it. We earlier did not know for whom we voted. Ask any passer - by for whom he voted on the elections to the Supreme Council of the 13th- convocations, and when a chosen representative of the people met the voters. The answer in 99 cases from 100 will be one - I do not know.

Who is today against the elections? The former deputies of the Supreme Council of the 13th- convocations and the members of BNF deceived by them. Why are "the have-beens" against? They have a lot of "correct" arguments: they have not enough TV, laws are bad, the legalisation of the mode etc. It is a nonsense. A man who can not do anything will find 100 "correct" reasons not to perform the man's duty.


The basic reasons of “the have-beens” not to wish to participate in the elections, from my point of view, are much deeper.

1. Personal insult. "The have-beens” will never forgive A. Lukashenko. He changed the rules of the game and has removed them from "the seed-can".

2. After the elections of a new parliament, all deputies of the 13th- convocations lose the powers and can not go on foreign business trips. The foreign business trips are the large money and connections.

3. “The have-beens” have a small chance to be elected once again. The people don’t believe them for a long time.

4. Being a member of the opposition is a well paid profession for them.

5. For A. Lukashenko it is favourable that the progressive people don’t take place in the parliament, and a new parliament should be the same.

6. They buy from A. Lukashenko more powers and privileges to themselves.

Today we are the hostages of that adventurous policy which is conducted by the former deputies of the Supreme Council. Think! Their motto is than worse, the better. They wait, when we are completely poor and stand up against A. Lukashenko. It is the state approach!!!

People become poorer and people who consider themselves to be "the leaders" of opposition do not want to become poorer with people.

Cellular telephones new costumes, smart foreign cars etc is a habitual attribute of the unemployed ”defenders” of the people for many years.

We, politicians of a new generation, think that you should fight to be the leader under any conditions.

It is necessary to create system when the authority of one man will be practically impossible, it is necessary to work with people. It is necessary to fight, first of all, with the system, which has been created by A. Lukashenko and the deputies of the Supreme Council of the 13th- convocations. If today someone from his former supporters, now he is a representative of opposition, come into office nothing will change in this state. All of them were and are the old party workers.

If speak about the congress again we are sure that it is necessary to create the normal and healthy opposition without "men who can not do anything”.


Valery Levonevsky   


Once again about the results of the All-Belorussian congress for the independence of Belarus.

1. 08. 2000 in the newspaper «Soviet Byelorussia» Katya Pryanik printed her article «At the political kitchen not all pots cook ». Katya makes the references to my article devoted to the congress «For independence»

 From this article it is clear that Valery Levonevsky is an ardent supporter of the present president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko. Katya chose only separate words and citations from my article. I shall try to clear up the situation. The policy which is carried out by A. G. Lukashenko will result in complete poverty of people of Belarus and in loss of its independence, it is against the people on the essence. I thought and I think that A. G Lukashenko should apply for retirement as he does not coped with the duties and does not keep his promises.

Now A. Lukashenko is the leader of the country but it is only the matter of time. But it is not the great thing. How shall we pull out Belarus from the protracted economic crisis? I listened attentively to the speeches of the delegates of the All-Belorussian of congress «For independence» and did not found in them the answer to all disturbing questions.

The present people who consider themselves to be the representatives of the opposition are not the same as a matter of fact and they incorrectly work in their attempts of counteraction to policy of A. Lukashenko.

Belarus should be the sovereign independent state. A geographical position of Belarus (the centre of Europe), large opportunities of reforming in the rather small country, intellectual potential, human and natural resources are a basis of the future reforms.

 The independence of Belarus meets the interests of the majority of the citizens of the republic. The preservation of independence means that the people of Belarus will be the owner in the country and in the future they will solve their fate themselves. The independence is a freedom of choice of all people. In case of loss of the sovereignty, it can happen that all vital questions of Belarus will be solved in a capital of other state, and the people of Belarus can not affect these decisions any more. However it, perhaps, is the only thing in what I agree with the organisers and majority of the delegates of the congress «For independence», on many other questions my point of view on problems of the people of Belarus is opposite.

 On what questions our points of view do not coincide:

1.   The organisers of the congress called it «All-Belorussian", but is it so? What today are the Belorussian people? As though the representatives of the Belorussian National Front (BNF) did not say, 90 % - 85 % of the population of Belarus speak in the mixed Russian-Byelorussian language with an impurity of the Polish words. It is necessary to take the people as they are today and not as the leaders of BNF want to see them. I can not agree with the representatives of BNF who think that our people should speak Belorussian or they are damaged peple. All-Belorussian means that all people should present at it but at the congress all speeches were in the Belorussian language, and it is possible to make a conclusion that the delegates of congress presented a maximum 5-10 % of the population and the name «all- belorussian" does meet to the validity. If we take into account the structure of the delegates of the congress it will be possible to call it: «The congress of the political figures and intelligentsia supporting BNF». To the representatives of other organisations the role “of a crowd” was given.

2.   In the declaration is said: «we stand for the kind equal in rights and mutually advantageous relations with all countries and especially with the neighbours: Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia…». I shall sign under such words with pure conscience, however in a preamble of this document the state (Russia) with which the authors of the declaration want to have «…the kind equal in rights and mutually advantageous relations…» is called “the new aggressive empire”. Moreover, among the delegates the edition under the name "Run" was distributed in which a Mr Vladimir Krukovsky has named Russia «Shagrenevaya skin» and on a map separated Tataria, Bashkiria, Buryatiya, Yakutia and other national formations from Russia. About the attitude to Russia this "writer" writes: «Our east neighbour (Russia) always seemed to me as thick loud, lazy and unscrupulous woman who likes to drink a glass of vodka and to eat well, sing and dance» If such «figures» really want to establish the kind relations with the neighbours, what for shall we soil in the next territory? What for shall we interfere with the internal businesses of the next state? The interethnic problems are and will be in many states. In England it is a problem of Northern Ireland, in Spain it is a problem of a province of basks, in Canada it is a problem of a province Kvebek, in Turkey it is a problem of Kurds. In Russia there a lot of such problems and if they will be solved on the Yugoslavian variant, the flame from the potentially possible conflict blazed up in a territory full of the nuclear weapon will reach Belarus. So the fiendish pleasure of Mr Krukovsky concerning the conflict in Checnya is completely inappropriate. Whether is it necessary to the people of Belarus? What is favourable for Belarus to have the kind relations with Russia or confrontation?

3.   In a number of speeches of the delegates of the congress, including the message of Zenon Poznyak it was spoken that imperial Russia tries to capture Belarus. It is necessary to note that in general the uniting initiatives originate from the present president of Belarus A. G. Lukashenko and it is possible to accuse Russia that it wants to capture Belarus only for a very incompetent man or pretending that he is incompetent. Other business is that A. G. Lukashenko tries to sell the sovereignty of Belarus. The Russian experts estimate that "the friendship" with the Republic of Belarus comes to Russia in 1.5-2 milliards of US dollars. Such friendship can be eternal. Having put «on knees» an industry and the agriculture by the incompetent management and a mistake in the choice of a model of the economic development of Belarus A. G. Lukashenko feels the inevitability of a future outcome. He tries in any way to prolong the agony of the mode, gets into the debts. It is necessary to pay the debts and with what means? With the sovereignty? And what is Russia blamed for? Is Russia guilty that Belarus has no means nothing to pay for power grids? It is necessary first of all to understand the situation in Belarus, it is necessary to understand our president why he ravaged Belarus. And kind or even the special relations with Russia do not mean the loss of the sovereignty, and on the contrary will strengthen it. For example, the special relations of England and the USA do not mean that someone from them has lost the sovereignty. In incorporated Europe there are no practically borders, but are the European states not sovereign?

4.   In the speeches of the majority of the delegates of the congress and especially in the speeches of the artists it was spoken that to revive the Belorussian nation it is necessary to revive and interdict the Belorussian language. Not having anything against the use of the Belorussian language I think that it is the right of the citizen of Belarus to choose the language to speak. It is wrong to take this right away. Any violence in this question will inevitably result in counteraction and conflicts. On a post - Soviet space because of such violence a lot of blood has already spilled. Some artists and especially the supporters of BNF try to prove that if the Belorussian «not speak his native language» he is a damaged citizen and in every possible way they damn such compatriots calling them non-nationalised elements, marginals and internationalists. As well as many radical inhabitants of Belarus I have here a lot of the relatives from Belorus, Poland, the Ukraine and Russia. Our ancestors were born in Belarus. Someone thinks that for him it is convenient to speak Russian, for someone - in Belorussian, someone - in mixed. It was so and it will be so. This is our right and we want to do so. When some "Belorussians" declare: «who does not know the Belorussian language – leave Belarus!» - it arouses the return reaction from a lot of people, it would be desirable to send them and as "far" as possible. Any violence causes only violence.

5.   The speakers spoke about the love to the Motherland. It is necessary to love the Motherland and to take it as it is. From the speeches at the congress it is possible to make a conclusion that the speakers love the “virtual” people it means the people should be as they think.

In the world there are a lot of examples when actually the language does not determines the behaviour of the people. For example, in India the state language is English and what? Wouldn’t the government of India carry out the policy in the interests of their people? Would the Indians be less nationalists because of this reason? People from Northern England speak English, but as the experts approve they are nationalists even are more than Irish! Practically in one language speak in Austria and Germany and what from this? The Americans (the USA) is a nation of the emigrants from all countries of the world but because of this they are great nationalists!

From my point of view, a nationalist, in good understanding of this word, can be considered that man who cares of that nation which was generated for today instead of the virtual nation which should be in the inflamed imagination of some citizens.


6.   Almost all speakers expressed their concern in connection with the fall of a vital level of the people of Belarus and said that the present president A. G. Lukashenko is guilty in this. I completely agree with this idea, however I can not agree with the way to overcome poverty which the representatives of BNF and national intelligentsia offer. Most figuratively it is formulated in the newspaper "Solidarity", where the writer Vasili Yakovenko writes: «So, friends the comrades, - there is no practically the alternative to the national idea, as only national states on their system, as any others, are capable to use, to spend and to increase the material and spiritual resources full, economical and effectively. Only they, these states, are capable to keep the civilisation from a moral and spiritual exhaustion, drug addicts, terrorism, detachment, chaos, that in the total combination can result in the complete degradation and destruction». If we think we will see that it is his offer for Belarus to leave from crisis. I do not doubt in the literary talent of Vasil Yakovenko, but with his statements I can not agree. Let’s remember the way which N. S. Khrutshev offered to solve a problem of the agriculture - "corn". As it is simple, you have found such "means" and solved all problems. Some figures offer to all Belorussians to remember what they were “litvinas”. As it would be good all Belorussians would wake up in the morning and remember that all of them are "litvinas" and everything appeared it is "the paradise" and only. But there is other circumstance. Whether you a litvin or not you want to eat! And if you are a litvin from what will everything come from? You see, will someone pay for us if we are litvinas? My neighbour earns not enough, it is difficult for her to feed children, and in some families of my house children do not eat enough food to be physically well developed, it is possible to tell that we speak about a physical survival. So if you come to my neighbour or in any other needy family where children are hungry, and tell them: «From this moment you are litvinas!». They, and it is the best variant, will show that you are mad or will send you somewhere.

What is offered as panacea from all troubles (the national idea) is obvious, but is it really panacea? The people of Belarus is really getting poorer. The most able and active part of the population leaves from the country in hope to survive, there, abroad. Having disappointed to earn something in this country, the majority of the businessmen turn off the activity. They simply work in such conditions that they do not want to open the business. What will be with the country, if its citizens will do nothing? The country will be lost! The nation will be lost! It will be soaked up by other, stronger nations. It is necessary to speak about the rescue of the people of Belarus, instead of their bellorusization. The situation is: a man sinks, struggles, tries to get out, and instead of the help he is offered to cut his hair.

7.   The tragedy is that between the people of Belarus and their national intelligentsia there is a gulf. At the congress the words about the people of Vasil Yakovenko were remembered: «Now there is a problem with the people again. They became inaccessible to the educated cultural, harmoniously brought up, national intelligentsia». In his article he quotes the writer Sokrat Yanovch: «the spiritually plundered nation of the Belorussians has run away in the anonymous crowd of idlers and having craned their necks roars on those who intend to wake their conscience and soul by shout. It is the madness!» Think over these words, it is a tragedy of the national intelligentsia. But are the people guilty in this? In his article Vasil Yakovenko quotes the words of Vasil Bykov: «Unprecedented in the civilised world paradox of our tragedy is that we, the Belorussian creative intelligentsia, create the culture for the people who were but today they are absent, they are stolen from us, only we do not know about it yet…». I looked in a hall and thought that the unfortunate people struggle for that people who are absent today, they hardly will win, they, most likely, are «the eternal opposition». But even if we imagine that they will be the leaders, most likely, they will bring a new "trouble" national struggles, instead of prosperity to us. We should not forget that that many of the noisy persons («the real Belorussians») became the same two years ago. Many guests have no the Belorussian roots at all. But everyone want to be a rescuer of the Belorussian nation, forgetting that they were not asked about this.

By and large the Belorussians today are hostages of adventurous policy of two-three tens of men, former comsomol workers and old party leaders, as a rule, the deputies of the Supreme Council of the 13th- convocations. Earlier they led us order in the light communist tomorrow, now we do not know where. Neither in the capitalism, nor anywhere. They want to be ahead on a white horse.

The nation should be formed. It  is formed and changes with the current of time. The revival of the Belorussian language is possible only by not violent way and only gradually.

It is necessary to remember one thing: a national language it is the means of dialogue, neither more, nor less.

Language should unite people, instead of to be the “apple of discord".

Where is that point of a language readout? What is native language? In present Belarus in different time and in its different parts spoke the different STATE LANGUAGES. How many centuries shall we argue? For what? To find out who is better than the Belorussians.

Let’s imagine for one minute that an aggressive part of BNF and its supporters will come to authority. And we shall create a large reservations for Russian-Polish-Lithuanian RADICAL inhabitants of Belarus and we shall begin a war with Russia?

More than 70 % of the population (approximately 7 million of the citizens) of Belarus will be behind a wire and immediately will quarrel with «the Russian imperialists»? Do the present "leaders" who consider themselves to be the representatives of the opposition aspire to this?

Our ways are not the ways of A. Lukashenko. But it does not mean that we shall support the creation of a new mode or people who stand for violence and disrespect of the rights of the man.

We shall create opposition as today there is no opposition. And again we are ready to co-operate with all progressive population of the Republic of Belarus who do not depend on party and language accessory. The healthy forces are in all parties. A basis of association is the care of all citizens of the Republic of Belarus, the independence of Belarus, respect of the rights of each citizen.

Many people had the same thoughts only they were afraid to tell about them. Energy and certain aggression of the separate members of BNF force many political figures to "cower" before them, to be afraid that they "persecute". They said that it is their right to estimate the Belorussian people. They think that the people of Belarus should live according to rules established by them.

We, politicians of a new generation do not consider the people to be damaged or defective, we consider ourselves to be a part of these people, we perceive them as they are and we shall fight for their independence and prosperity and it does not depend what language they speak.


Valery Levonevsky. 3.07.2000 Grodno.



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