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The chairman of the Grodno Urban centre of protection of the rights of a customer.


The businessman.


The chairman of the Belorussian Trade union of the Businessmen


The chairman of Grodno informational-legal centre


The organiser of mass local and all-republican actions of the protest against impoverishment of the citizens


The initiator of a number of the charitable actions OUR CITY


Valery Levonevsky (Photo)


He was born in 1963, is married, has four children, is from family of workers, 7 years worked as a worker, then as an engineer, united his work with the businessmans activity, he is a native citizen of Belarus, he was born and was brought up in Grodno, acts for the independent sovereign state, for friendly relations with Russia and with West, in April, 1999 was convicted by the court of Leninsky district of Grodno for 13 day of administrative arrest for organisation of the meeting to protect the rights of customers. He is under a constant "guardianship" of the state (searches at the office and home, constant arrests and detentions, calls to the prosecutor's offices, militia, tax and other bodies, confiscation of property, outside supervision, listening to phone calls etc.). In 2000 he was refused in registration as the candidate in the deputy of the Chamber of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus because he did not indicate a wood building at the dacha of the parents (the toilet) in the declaration about the incomes.


He has the own program of revival of the economics of the Republic of Belarus


Dear citizens of Minsk!


During the half of the year we work to create a new political force party of the middle class. Those who want to take part in a design of the program, title and symbolic of the party can call on telephones 260-97-75 in Minsk, Grodno (0152) , 72-61-19. The party of the middle class is a party of the businessmen, highly qualified workers, teachers, employees, chairmen of firms, enterprises, organisations, farms etc., i.e. all those who is capable to think, for whom to eat and to drink are not main things in life, who want to build democratic, economically developed and independent state. We want the majority of our citizens to be wealthy enough, to have the house, constant income and outlook. The social system where a man receives beggarly reward for his work has not the right to exist.

We can and should begin to act for the value of our children. Six years of reforms from Grirorich have led the country to poverty and drunkenness of everybody. The radical nationalist party such as BNF and UCP represent no more than 0,5 % of all citizens of the Republic of Belarus who belong to the opposition. Their aggressiveness and the intolerance to other judgement repulses people from them. Yes, we some times conducted the joint actions of the protest. But we heard nothing except for "dirty words" and such slogan as imperialists and moskalies should go off. It is one of the main reasons why we have not supported March of Freedom - 3. At March of Freedom - 1-2 we were simply "substituted" and used as cannon-fodder. The gap between them and us continues to become greater. The main reason is that BNF, present UCP and different "initiatives" are torn off from the people of Belarus. A difference is in ideologies. We want to create the conditions at which everybody could realise the capabilities to create material and other values for himself and his family. They, Bolsheviks, know only how to take away and to divide. Peer at the faces of these people. They were already at the office. They are former members of Comsomol and party functionaries. Their parties are small and substantially represent interests of several men instead of us with you. An inner structure and order in these parties resemble a sect. Sometimes opposition newspapers write: The largest opposition party of Belarus were united. But they forget to point out one small detail. The active workers in all these parties taken together are no more than 1000 men. A. Lukashenko is a product of philosophy of Bolsheviks . He also acts as a Bolshevik. The decrees, reprisals, prohibitions, empty promises. The leaders from radical nationalistic opposition (BNF and UCP) are also Bolsheviks in the majority and even "former" members of a team of A. Lukashenko. They have rather vague representation how to decide our problems.


A. Lukashenko is the only first stage on our way of struggle with Bolsheviks. It is necessary to look much further. The basis of any civilised society is a hard work instead of "hack-work". And this hard work is well paid. The results of work should be reliably protected and first of all by the state. A problem of Belarus is that we are invoked to work not taking into account two other factors. I.e. they pay us beggarly salary and can take everything that was earned by us and our grandparents away at any moment to the formal and far-fetched reasons. Have A. Lukashenko executed even one pre-election promise? Do you think that his former team, and now radical opposition, will execute? They know how to deceive people. It is the whole know-how. Remember, how beautifully we were deceived in 1994. Now they try to impose us the unified candidate from the radical opposition. We also stand for the unified candidate from opposition. But from the opposition and not from its minor part. Today more than 4 millions citizens of Belarus belong to the opposition. And what, will 0,5% (some thousand men) from BNF dictate us their will? We shall achieve the purpose when we shall do the policy and not to trust to its populists even if they look well.


Our purposes and problems absolutely differ from their. They struggle with the Russian imperialism, "fight" after coming to the office, set up the philosophy and spiritual values. We stand for friendly relations both with east and with west, for two state languages, for respect of the common rights of a citizen of the Republic of Belarus, for the independent and neutral state.


November 23 many from you came to the markets and saw seen empty counters. It was the one-day national strike of the businessmen organised by the Belorussian Trade union of the Businessmen. More than 150 thousand men took part in the strike. Each businessman pays different payments from 30 up to 250 dollars per one month, feeds the family, works without week-days asking nothing from the state. The state has entered new rules because of which the goods are the markets should rise in price on 20-60 of %. It is a reason of the conflict. Besides the different controlling bodies permanently extort bribes from businessmen, insult and degrade them. A man who honestly pays taxes is defenceless before an outrage of a number of inspectors. The businessmen operated with figures: if even partially the state removes some limitations and army of the inspectors, the goods at the markets would fall in price on 10-30 of % and budget would economy money to pay salary to teachers and doctors. December 18, 2000 (Monday) at 14.00 at Bangalor square in Minsk the businessmen plan to conduct meeting to protect economic and social rights of the citizens.


The headquarters and team to move out Valery Levonevsky as the candidate in the Presidents of the Republic of Belarus is formed. To move out the candidate in the presidents it is necessary to collect 100.000 signatures. Those who want to support the independent candidate in the presidents can call (0152) , (017) 260-97-75. The opposition today is the businessmen, people working on hiring, workers, employees, students, employees of power structures and many others, i.e. approximately 60 % of the population of the Republic of Belarus. Therefore a unified candidate in the presidents will be introduced by us (b the team of Valery Levonevsky with pleasure will support more worthy candidature, if you have such). We are substantial opposition. From our point of view, the unified candidate should be elected from the several candidatures prior to the beginning of the presidential "rapid motion". Today our problem is to create a strong team which can play an essential role in the change of economic policy of the state and in the building of the future democratic society of Belarus.


The open letter (it was published earlier in the bulletins "Businessman" and Our City)

To the chiefs of bodies of the state authority and management.


To the employees of power and law-enforcement bodies of the Republic of Belarus.


To the civil employees of the Republic of Belarus.



Dear sirs.


In the beginning of September, 2000, in one of the regional executive committees the chief of the region spent the meeting on which the questions connected with the elective company were considered. As one of the witnesses of this meeting said the chief of the region declared at this meeting addressing to the subordinates: Do not you see who pretends to be the leaders? Do not you understand that if they come into office, it will be the end for us?


Further the chief of the region gave the detailed concrete instructions to the chiefs of the local executive committees and chairmen of district elective commissions how to "counteract" to the election of the objectionable candidates. We also know that a special confidential plan on the "elimination" of applicants who are disloyal to the today's authority exists, the list of the persons which should not be the deputies at any circumstances is made. The appropriate officials on the personal responsibility are informed: whom they should not allow to become the deputies. To realise this plan all the departments, all power structures and special services are involved, against many candidates in the deputies who have opposite views the operative measures are carried out, there telephone conversations are listened to and they shadowed. Being under the complete control of the president the bodies of the office of the public prosecutor and the courts, obediently carry out tasks" not to let the political figures who have the opposite views participate in the elective company instead of the real supervision of the observance of the laws on the realisation of the election. As a result of the confidential complex of measures which was spent practically all candidates in the deputies, independent from the authority, have appeared not registered because of the different formal reasons. The executive authority, thus, has deprived the people of the right to choose and it is impossible to call the forthcoming election honour and democratic. Now it is possible with complete reliance to say that it will be not the election but "FARCE".


We disagree with some chiefs of the executive authority and we think that in the Republic of Belarus the principle of the leadership of the right should be established.


The only source of the state authority and bearer of the sovereignty in the Republic of Belarus is the people and it means that all bodies of the state authority are obliged to ensure people with the right to choose when the election are realised.


The state, all its bodies and the officials should work within the limits of the Constitution and legislative acts accepted according to it. Any direct or indirect restriction of the suffrages of the citizens is inadmissible and should be punished according to the law.


Breaking article 49 of the Elective code of the Republic of Belarus the chiefs "of vertical" distribute the obviously false information discrediting the candidate in the deputies of the Chamber of the Representatives who have the opposite points of view. Their applications that after the change of the authority "representatives of the opposition" will punish the present civil employees are the fabrications based on the slogans of the separate considerably adjusted representatives of BNF and their supporters. Such applications are made with the purpose: to frighten you by the forthcoming change of the authority and to force to break the existing legislation (including crimes) to save the present authority.


In this open letter we, the politicians of new generation would like to explain some of these questions.


We struggle for the creation of a civil society based on the democratic principles, on the basis of the division of the authority into legislative, executive and judicial.


Neither me nor my supporters do not assume that in the future it is necessary to call all present civil employees to account. Only the separate considerably adjusted figures of BNF say about "the lustration" but they do not have anything in common with my supporters. We are also against their coming into office.

The officials of all levels will be necessary at any authority. At any authority it will be necessary to protect the legal order, to control the objects of managing and life-support. The majority of the today's employees "of vertical", MIA, CSS, Public prosecutors office are the good experts of the business and they successfully cope with the duties assigned on them by the law.


We think that this category of the people are also citizens of the Republic of Belarus and they also have families and a lot of own problems. The serious up-datings in the control system of the state are necessary. Without the qualified state device it cannot be made. Therefore we also hope on your support.


We are not going to dismiss anyone because of our love or dislike for this or that politician or to the party.


Moreover, we think that the professional civil employee should get more money than today from the state to which he serves.


Inevitably there will be a change of the authority, inevitably there will be a necessity to realise the democratic reforms in the society, reforms in the economy and agriculture. That experience of the management which the today's workers of the state device have will be necessary to realise them. They will be necessary for the future reorganisation of our long-suffering state. According to the information we have more than 90 % of the workers - civil employees does not approve the policy spent by the present president but by the virtue of the created state system of the suppression of people who have opposite point of view they are compelled to keep silent about it. I emphasise, that I personally shall act against any reprisals as it will not bring any boons to our people. I think that in the 20th- century we have already exceeded all "limits" of self-destruction.


Our purpose is: to achieve that our parliament would be the legislative body in which our collected problems will be discussed, and in which, really, the search of ways of the exit from the delayed political, economic crisis and international isolation will be carried out discussing the various offers.


I think that the government and the parliament should have all rights to put major state problems for the open discussion. The inadmissible is the fact that "performances" on BT show only one "monologues" of the president and the members of the government and parliament sit having lowered heads. Are the businesses really so good in the country what they have nothing to say? Is the land of Belarus really so "poor" that it born only one politician who knows" when is necessary to "sow", to harvest, when and what to make? Does nobody really "understand" anything? For what then we have the parliament and the government, if it is "forbidden" to express their point of view on the processes occurring in the country?


My supporters and me have what to tell on all sore questions of our state. We do not make secrets of our purpose. We want peace and well-being to our people and we think that it can be achieved by different ways what has been done during last 6 years.

My supporters and me shall further participate in the elective companies in spite of the fact that anybody from my supporters is not registered as the candidate in the deputies. The form of our participation will be changed. The life does not come to an end on October 15, 2000.


I address to you as to the citizens of our republic. We together with you in the near future should find an exit from this uneasy situation in which people of Belarus are. We are not enemies, and we want peace and well-being to our people. Yes, we offer another way of the development of the country than the way chosen by the present president. Yes, we say that the past 6 years are a downtime. Show the civil liability, let people himself make the choice in the conditions of open and honour pre-election struggle, if you really love people and wish them goods. Think, as you can, being at your own places, help the voters express their will free. We are ready to co-operate with you in it.


Yours faithfully Valery Levonevsky.


230005,. Grodno - 5, subscriber box 63 (for the letters)






Pager tel. (0152) subscriber 95200

P.S. I ask to acquaint all employees of the ministries, committees, departments, executive committees, departments with this letter.


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