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The chairman of the Grodno Municipal centre of protection of the rights of a customer.


The businessman.


The chairman of the Belorussian Trade union of the Businessmen


The chairman of the Grodno informational legal centre


The initiator of mass local and all-republican actions of the protest against an impoverishment of the citizens


The initator of a number of the charitable actions OUR CITY


Valery Stanislavovich Levonevsky

tel./fax (0152)


He was born in 1963, is married, has four children, he was brought up in the family with many children, his parents were born and live in Grodno region, he is not a member of any party, 1980-1982 military service, he obtained a distinction in the special secondary school on the speciality metal worker of KIPiA, 7 years worked as a worker, then - as an engineer, joined his work with the businessmens activity, he is in the boxing, he is a native citizen of Belarus, he was born and brought up in Grodno, acts for the independent sovereign state, for the friendly relations both with Russia and with West, in April, 1999 he was sentenced to 13 day of administrative arrest for organisation of the meeting in protection of the rights of customers by the court of Leninsky district in Grodno. Since 1996 he has been constantly "guarded" by the state (searches at the office and home, constant arrests and detentions, calls to the prosecutor's offices, militia, tax and other bodies, confiscation of property, search of narcotics and weapon on anonymous calls, outside supervision, listening of phone calls etc). In 2000 V. S. Levonevsky was refused in registration as the candidate in the deputies of the Chamber of the Representatives of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus as he did not indicate a wood construction at the dacha of the parents (toilet) in the declaration about the incomes. He has the own program of revival of the economics of the Republic of Belarus.



5.03.2001 in BN the article of Mikhail Podolyak (MP) Who is guilty? was published. I respect the point of view of any journalist, I think that the journalist has the right to own point of view on any problem. By the way, Mikhail Podolyak, to my mind, writes quite good analytical articles. However it is amazing that this severe journalist in this article was lowered up to the frank misinformation, juggling the facts and putting down intentions which do not exist to me. In particular, MP writes: As a matter of fact, Levonevsky invokes to prohibit the heterodoxy, prohibit the opposition. And he does it today when the nomenclature, elite is at the cross-roads and shouts: show us, where to go,"how can be saved from Lukashenko. Probably, MP was not very attentive while getting acquainted with my articles where I criticised both A. G. Lukashenko and some figures of opposition. So once again I shall briefly express my point of view. As to A. G. he, on my deep belief, has restored the worst version of command system in Belarus and with its help tries to solve economical and political problems that basically is impossible. The historical experience suggests that the similar systems anywhere in the world have not given an effective economics and reasonable standard of life of the population of these countries.


A. G. is a trouble of the people of Belarus, I am sure that in the nearest future his "actions" will be estimated by the people of Belarus on "advantage". The failure of the mode of A. G. is inevitably. From my part I do everything that depends on me for this to happen as soon as possible.


But what will happen after A. G. will leave? Who will replace him? Here, as I understand our positions with MP miss. If we imagine that A. G. will be changed by the representatives of KRDS where the main component is the representatives of BPF I state with all responsibility that it will mean one more useless spire in the development of Belarus. I can confidently state about it as I personally know the majority of the leaders of KRDS and their methods of work.


It is necessary to mark that originally my supporters and me tried to adjust the co-operation both with the representatives of BPF and with some leaders of the present KRDS. The basis of such co-operation, as it seemed, could have been the intention to change the present "mode". Perhaps, today we could have had questions on which the co-operation is possible. First of all - it is necessary to achieve the resignation of A. G.! Secondly - it is necessary to discuss seriously how, what ways to choose to improve life of the people of Belarus?


For the talk to have a subject it would be possible to accept the code of the stipulated facts i.e. to find points of coincidence on which judgement of the parties coincides. If we listen to all figures beginning from A. G. and ending with the most furious nationalist they all are worried only about the value of the people, however everyone understands this value in his own way and everyone offers his own way to achieve this value. For this reason we have differences between us and in further the frank enmity. I have never been a communist, I think that the communist philosophy is alien to the human nature. When the former party functionaries have begun to attempt to control me, to impose their own will I was indignant. The former party boss Semen Domash claiming on the role of the unified candidate attempted to call me on "the carpet" and to "punish" with rendition of party recovery. The party habits have been reshaped by decades it is not so easy to get free from them. I remember that Semen could not "understand" in any way that he is no more a party boss who can do everything he wants, for him it so is unusual.


Who are Lebedko, Domash and those similar to them? They are former comsomol and party workers, Bolsheviks. Who is A. Lukashenko - former comsomol and party worker, Bolshevik. We are offered to change one Bolshevik to another? And what will it bring to the people of Belarus? Nothing!


It is the same as if, for example, after the victory in the second world war the Americans decided that Germany should be controlled by other nazi instead of Hitler. Bolsheviks and nazis, by the way, have the similar roots and methods of work.


The officials have always done mangers for themselves. Yes "have-beens" today are not at the authority. But they even here have created a manger for themselves, it is the opposition one . I shall tell one thing: We with you have one essential difference: we spend for the struggle with the mode own money, they - another's.


KRDS before which MP is scattered in compliments is a really radical organisation showing intolerance to other judgement.


Valery Levonevsky attacks not the opposition but some radical officials from the opposition as on the way of complaint with A. G. more terrible people than A. G. can come to the office. The "have-beens" have no chances and others are not offered by KRDS moreover it "stifles" the competitors. It is the main reason of the conflict.


Mikhail Podolyak has drawn an image of Lebedko, Domash etc. as angels - fighters with the mode. But if we look attentively, these angels have very nice horns and the tail is viewed.


I understand that the article of MP is "an order" from the former party functionaries, but even in this case it would be possible to show objectivity and fairness otherwise there is an impression that if tomorrow the authority changes Alexander Zimovsky will be replaced by Mikhail Podolyak and everything will begin from the very beginning.


Valery Levonevsky




Note: BN for reasons which are not clear for me does not publish this answer to the article Who is guilty?. Such is democracy .



The militiamen will be punished

As we have informed earlier 9.01.2001 at 1.50 the son of Valery Levonevsky - Vladimir (was born in 1986) who was 50 meters far from his house was arrested (he has just arrived from Minsk). Vladimir was by force, against his will, delivered to the local police station "Devyatovka", while he was been delivering to the local police station and in the police station he was searched, the protocol of the search was not made. The detention was executed by the militiamen Naumov and Ekimov who said to Vladimir that he was suspected in a crime: what they had not explained. The protocol of detention was not made. In the police station he was forced to testify, the rights of an arrested person were not explained to a teenager. The repeated requests to call home to parents, to receive legal help were refused. Besides the employees of militia threatened to "put" him to prison and to apply physical force when Vladimir demanded to let the parents know about his detention and place where he was. Approximately, in one hour Vladimir by the collar was dragged out by the employee of militia from the police station and put into the car, then he was delivered to Leninsky DDIA of Grodno. In Leninsky DDIA they also refused to give him an opportunity to call the parents. Only in the morning, approximately at 4 hours, a militiaman informed the parents where his son was. It was necessary to search for the car and went through all city to take the son away from this DDIA. On actions of the employees of militia the applicable Petition in prosecutor's office is sent with the requirement:


These action of the employees of militia I (Valery Levonevsky) estimate as provocation of law enforcement bodies against family of the future the candidates in the Presidents of the Republic of Belarus.



The answer from the prosecutor's office of Leninsky district in Grodno 10-2001 from 9.02.2001 was received. The prosecutor's office has established while checking that it is true the current legislation was broken by the employees of militia and the rights of the child were strangulated. The prosecutor's office of Leninsky district in Grodno raised the question to attract the militiamen to the disciplinary responsibility.


The accident

25.01.2001 late in the evening, approximately at 22.00, at the line Minsk - Grodno an accident took place. The car on which representatives of the strike committee and Valery Levonevsky, a future candidate in the President of the Republic of Belarus went from Minsks, after talks with the authorities came off the line, turned over and appeared in "a ditch".


The accident was contrived or such circumstances were now it is difficult to decide everything happened very quickly. All who were present in the care are sure that the accident was contrived. Valery Levonevsky himself thinks that the season "of hunt" on the future candidates in the president has been opened, but he is not going to come off the distance.


All participants of the accident are live and healthy and wish the same to everything.


It is possible to acquaint with photos of the accident to the address in the Internet


Or to book on E-mail


The chairman of the press - service




The fat are cleverer

The scientists from the Cambridge university have rehabilitated fat people. They have demonstrated that whose who suffer from the excesses of fat are more cleverer and more hard-working than the thin poor and well-fed.

Besides fat perfectly defends a skeleton and internal bodies from damages, regulates the development of hormones, promotes strengthening of immunity of an organism and meliorates a genial system of the women. In the organism of thick people vital hormone leptin which supports an indispensable level of energy in an organism is worked out. When forces finish, this Hormone submits the alerts to a brain and a man runs in a snack-bar. In general fat is an organ. It should be perceived the same as, for example, liver, the representative of the Royal medical school in London states.


The magazine "Healer" 1 January (75) 2001.



The charitable action OUR CITY

From 12.03.2001 till 1.06.2001 in Grodno the next stage of the Charitable action Our city is taking place. The action is carried out by the Grodno businessmen with the help of the Grodno public Female Organisation (GPFO) The Spring of Mercy (Grodno, Stefan Batory street 8-330, the hotel "Neman" tel. 44-14-33, from 13.00 till 15.00). Things, food, dishes, furniture, toys are collected in the markets and in the city, then are distributed between needy families and families where a lot of children are brought up. Those who want hand things independently can make this daily, except for week-ends, from 14.00 till 16.00 in the hotel "Neman" room 330 tel. 44-14-33.


Those who need these things can write the application - questionnaire about rendering the help. We ask you to hand second-hand things clean and whole.


The car is given if necessary.


Bank account 3015000685026 Code 198 Grodno. Affiliate of OJC Belorussian Exchange Bank, UNN 500655828, Grodno public female organisation (GPFO) "The Spring of Mercy" (




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